Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve 2011

I am awake way too early this morning, but my oldest son decided to have a sneezing jag while watching some television and I am up---for at least a little while.  I will be able to take a nap later if I feel like it (and I will) but for now I am up and about.

I have not written a single poem or even a part of a poem during this entire week off from school.  It has been a strange break so far, and I really don't know how else to put it.  I have felt more run down these past five days than I ever have, and it feels much more than simply getting old.  I am not well, but I cannot put my finger on anything specific.

Still, the family is doing okay.  I made my world famous chocolate chip cookies yesterday.  The secret is in how long you creme the wet ingredients.  I blend the mix for at least an extra 4-5 minutes before adding the flour, baking soda and salt.  This time around I used two different kinds of chocolate chips (milk chocolate and semi-sweet) and two kinds of nuts (crushed hazel and almond slivers) which has created a nice texture and a good chocolate experience overall.  I also got to use our homemade vanilla for the first time.  Becky has been able to use it a couple of times, but yesterday was my first.  For those of you who don't know, we bought some vanilla bean pods and some artisan vodka to make our own vanilla.  It just takes about six weeks of patience.  Next time we are going to make it with bourbon to see which we prefer.

So, presents are wrapped and ready for delivery.  Becky did all of the major work last night instead of tonight, which will make things easier for sure when trying to get our youngest off to bed tonight.  It can be an early night for everyone.  After, we are off for the Land of Mo once again for a few days so we can spread our own version of Christmas cheer to our relatives.  And then, it's back to school and back to Hamlet.  Back to students and back to more writing.

Be well this season, and all the best.

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  1. Feel better, Justin, and I hope you have a good holiday. Onward and upward!