Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Friday in the Republic of Me: Eight Steps to Happiness!

Hey Everyone!

How is your work week going for you so far?  Do you want a little excitement to break the monotony that is your working life?  Well if you do, I have a great plan to make that happen!

Step One:

Buy My book, Friday in the Republic of Me.

Step Two:

Take a picture of yourself with my book after it arrives.

Step Three:

e-mail me the picture, along with your mailing address.

Step Four:


Step Five:

Receive your signed copy of my book in the mail.

Step Six:

Give away your un-signed copy of Friday in the Republic of Me to some unsuspecting friend or neighbor.  Be sure to document your subversion by taking lots of pictures.

Step Seven:  

Post the pictures to your blog and to Facebook.

Step Eight:

Let the hilarity ensue!

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