Monday, April 23, 2012

Winding Down

I have been doing very little poetry writing this month.  A few poems here and there, which translates to abouyt two or three I want to use in my latest manuscript. 

What have I been doing? 

A whole lot of missing school and trying to catch up.  I have also been reading a lot of submissions for Hobble Creek Review.  I have had a lot more this issue than in the past, but I think I will still have about the same size issue to give you all when everything is finished.

I am still trying to get myself away from the specifics of my Springville manuscript.  It's hurting my creativity too much being so pointed with my writing.  I need to have the freedom to write what I want to write and not worry about whether it fits into the manuscript.  Instead, everything I start to write ends up being pointed right at the book.  Worse still, I know which section the poem is supposed to be in and I almost immediately know exactly where it is supposed to go.  Some people might make the claim I am simply channeling, much like Blake, but I don't buy it.  I m not a mystic poet, nor do I think I have the ability to channel anything without a remote control in my hand.

I am having so much trouble with my manuscript, I am thinking of hiring out an editor to look at what  have and reign me in or kick me in the backside---whatever is needed.

* * *


This is the visual representation of my poetry life this month.

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