Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hobble Creek Review is now Up!

Hey, everyone!  Come on over to Hobble Creek Review and have a read.  Our latest issue is up and ready for everyone to have a look!  This issue features the following poets and writers:

Carol Berg                     
Will Cordeiro                   
Marilyn Haight              

Ruth Huber                     

M.J. Iuppa                      

Kathleen Kirk                 
Mercedes Lawry            

Leny Lianne                    

Linda Martin                     

Corey Mesler                    
Mark J. Mitchell                

Kimberly O'Connor         
Andrew Shields                  

Lauren Tivey  
Steve Wheat                 
Scott Wiggerman

* * *

I would also like you to consider submitting for our next issue, which is going to have a special section edited by Jeff Newberry, focusing on the Gulf Coast region.  So come on over and stay a while.  Pass the word if you read anything you like, and as always, let me know which poems in particular you like so I can pass on the word to the poets.  Hearing good things about one's writing is always helpful.

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