Monday, October 1, 2012

Update: Hobble Creek Almanac & other such nonsense

I have been plenty busy as of late.  Mostly, I have been busy with revisions to my manuscript.  A big "Thank You" goes out to the readers (to be named at a later date) who have really been kicking my butt to help make my poems their very best.  I have the good fortune to also have friends from my home town telling me to "keep it real" when talking about certain issues within historic context.

Major changes include: 

Getting rid of poems which are too prosaic.
Changing the tone and structure of some poems to reflect a more realistic attitude.
Writing a few new poems to put into context things not as of yet adequately stated.
Standardizing the formatting for consistency and best effect.
Spelling and punctuation (always, always spelling and punctuation).

I have also the pleasure of announcing to you nine of the poems in my collection have been accepted for publication---always a reason to celebrate.  I have hopes that at least 10-12 more poems will be accepted before I start submitting my manuscript, though I will not be submitting this manuscript to any contest.  As you are well aware, I am becoming less and less enchanted with the contest scene.  reading Fees are okay, but contests are losing their luster with me in many ways.

* * *

I just returned from my 25th high school reunion.  That makes me 43 years old for those of you who like to keep track of such things.  I had a really good time, as did my wife.  For those of you who are hesitant to attend any of your reunions, maybe you should look at them this way:  They are an evening out with people who started with the same set of experiences as you in a general way and have grown up with entirely divergent experiences.  They are excuses for having a good meal, and a drink or two (even though I don't drink) with some old friends.

I had a really great time talking to these people, many of whom (perhaps because of age) are not on Facebook or the like.  To tell the truth, I had such a great time with them, I wish I could get with many of them every year, not just every five years or so.  The world may have grown old and weary, but I have not, and my friends from high school have not either.  If any classmates are reading this, then let me say "Thank you" right here and now.  I had a great time and I owe that to you.

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