Friday, January 11, 2013

post-Acceptance Daze & a hot topic issue

For the past few days, I have been floating around in a little bit of a fog.  Having my manuscript taken and the contract mailed off, I feel as if I have very little I want to accomplish.  A lot of my writing, in this blog and elsewhere, seems to have tapered off.  I wrote one series of haiku, which might make an interesting chapbook project if developed, but other than that, I have been is a slight state of bliss.

I think my post title is appropriate, if for no other reason than it happens to be accurate.  I feel floaty and light headed knowing my manuscript is going to be a book.  I feel a little weak in the knees because I really believe I and my manuscript are a good fit with Aldrich Press and Kelsay Books (previously linked).  I am not empty or void of inspiration, but I cannot see myself writing right now, and I think my good mood is responsible.  I am not saying I write when I am miserable, but rather, my happiness is blocking my view.  I cannot see the things I want to write because I am content.

* * *

Lately, I have been spending my time on Facebook dealing  with conservative reactionaries, regarding gun control.  They paint all liberals as demagogues trying to take away their guns, and they use post hoc ergo propter hoc to try and frighten people into agreeing with their perspective regarding gun rights.  For the record, and I try to make this every time I respond to them, I am a President Obama lovin' liberal, a gun owner, and a supporter of the 2nd Amendment.  Do I think we as a nation need to re-think our position on gun control? Absolutely.  I think we need to have more individual registrations and criminal/psychiatric background checks.  Want to own a gun?  Then get licensed by the state, and be required to have it renewed every four years.  Make that license have classes, just like a driver's license, which states what kind of firearms a person can own.  Be required to take courses and proof of gun liability insurance.  Require gun dealers to confirm, with photo ID and background checks that they are selling guns to responsible, sane people.  Eliminate undocumented straw sales at gun shows, and make those selling at gun shows be licensed dealers or register for a special permit to sell firearms at gun shows.

What I think we don't need:

Guns in schools.  There are simply too many unanswerable questions and too many issues of liability to think having more guns in schools is the proper answer.

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