Wednesday, October 23, 2013

One More Tidbit . . . And another

My good friend, Jeff Newberry, reminded me of a missed little highlight. 

A few weeks back I was interviewed for Hoof Prints, the blog for Pegasus, the Student Literary Journal for Abraham Baldwin Agriculture College.

In the interview you can read about my research process and other such sundries for my book, Hobble Creek Almanac.  I also take the time to offer words of advice regarding the process by which one should go about getting a book published.  Of course I talk about walking away from the contest model and the value of getting on with the people you work with as opposed to trying to find a press name which carries a connotation.  After all, beyond poets, who is going to know the difference between presses?

* * *

If I hadn't made it clear with the absence from this blog, I am on an official sabbatical from writing poetry.  I will be clearing house with Sailing This Nameless Ship, but then I am out the door, so to speak.

I know this is contrary to the normal model---poets should take breaks from their day jobs so they can write.  However, with the work I have been putting into getting my books published (one chapbook and three full length collections in three years) I have spent all of my creative energy.  I have nothing left in the tank, and it's time I simply not worry about this part of my life.  I haven't written a poem worth keeping in over a year (an understatement if anything) and I don't have the faintest idea what I might even want to write about poem by poem, let alone have any idea what I want my next project to be.  As such, I am intentionally not taking up my pen or typewriter to try and write any poetry.  You may see more of me here because of that, but don't expect good writing.  Don't trust it.  Just keep walking as if nothing has happened. 

Good enough.

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