Sunday, July 31, 2011

Oh, Submishmash . . .

How do I love thee?  Let me count the ways!

If you saw my status update yesterday, I mentioned that I went submitted my poems to a lot of different places.  Most of them from the help of Submishmash.  What a wonderful service that is.  I have already become accustomed to it to the point that when I came across a journal which only accepted hard copy submissions to a (eeeew!) snail mail address, I shrieked in panic and ran away.

I think it's a good thing all around.  Those who will not accept e-mail or submishmash will soon receive fewer and fewer submissions, and will either make the transition or will simply be able to have more time to do their work.  I know I have honestly made the decision to submit only to those who accept via e-mail.

Yes, submishmash, I love thee for no postage, no going down to the post office, the keeping all my submissions straight by time and date, for the ability to find new journals, for my poetry world to be put on one plate.  Oh, yes.  I love thee.

1 comment:

  1. Justin, you have hit the dullards right on the head! I don't submit to snail mail, regardless of the "prestige" of the journal. I feel it is their job to get with the times, not mine to remain in the dark ages. Those will be the places that, when they finally get modern, will try and whack you with the $3 submission fee, along with the lame ass excuse that you are saving .44 in postage. My advice to them: Get with cattle drive or get out of Dodge.