Monday, September 5, 2011

Ramblin' Gamblin' Willie

I went out last night to dinner with the wife, and in a strange fit of hedonism and excess, we decided to play some slots.  The decision ended up making us a tidy little sum of money, and for my part I immediately began to dream of the books I could buy because of my newly found patron.  Here then, with a little help from a few select people I trust to help me with such decisions, is a list of the books I have just ordered:

Slow to Burn   by Collin Kelley

Kindertotenwold: Prose Poems   by Franz Wright

Talking about Movies with Jesus   by David Kirby

We Are Starved   by Joshua Kryah

American Busboy   by Matthew Guenette

Transfer   by Naomi Shihab  Nye

Makeshift Instructions for Vigilant Girls   by Erika Meitner

The Odicy   by Cyrus Console

The Art of Recklessness:  Poetry As Assertive Forces and Contradiction   by Dean Young

The Art of Description:  The World into Word   by Mark Doty

The Art of Attention:  A Poet's Eye   by Donald Revell

The Best American Poetry: 2011  edited by David Lehman &

The Monkey and the Wrench:  Essays into Contemporary Poetics   edited by Mary Biddinger & John Gallaher

* * *

Mothers, don't let your daughters go to the House of the Rising Sun.  They may end up with a man who thinks books are a worthy thing upon which to spend their winnings.


  1. That's impressive company to be in. :)

  2. They are saying the same thing, Collin.

  3. A good list, Justin! You might also want to check out "Life on Mars" (Tracy K. Smith) if you're into the scientific poetry thing. I checked it out of the library and love it so much I am going to buy it (my new testing theory o' poetry books.)

  4. Jeannine:

    I saw it but I wasn't sure of it. I will try to take a look. So many of my choices really boil down to a guess or based on the recommendation of someone else. Thanks.