Wednesday, January 4, 2012

10 Books You Should (not) Buy Right Now

So I thought I would give in and create a list of books.  That this list is made up entirely of non-real books is immaterial.  I love every single one of them.

1.  Evans, Justin.  Puritans Shmuritans: How Unitarian Liberalism Ruined America for the Evangelical Conservative. Harper Row, (2008).

2.Rove, Karl.  Karl Rove's Pick-up Guide for Pasty White Men With Glandular Problems and Mild Retardation:  An Autobiography.  Flashfiction Press, (2010).

3.  Hart, Gary. Getting Off on the Cain-Train: An Expose  to Sex Scandals in 20th Century American Politics.  HighTimes Books, (2011).

4.  Bachmann, Michele.  Carbon Dioxide and the World of Tomorrow:  A non-Science Type Discusses the Demonization of Carbon Dioxide's Alleged Ill-Effects. Simon & Shuster, (2009)

5.  Bachmann, Michele. Making Denial Work for You: Living With a Closeted Homosexual. Bantham Paperbacks, (2001).

6.  Evans, Justin.  Making Sense of Non-Linear Equations in Quantum Sub Systems of Neon Gas in Excited States Relative to String Theory and Multiple Dimensions, Kids Edition. Little Golden Books, (1995).

7.  Gandhi, Mohandas.  30 Ways to Kill a Man with a Pool Cue (Deathbed Edition).  Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, (1948).

8.  Aquinas, Saint Thomas.  Summa Theologica for Dummies.  For Dummies Press, (1274).

9.  Bush, Laura.  Curious George Visits the White House:  A Memoir.  Signature Books, (2010).

10.  Anonymous.  Ha!  An Investment Banker's Guide to Avoiding the 99% (Maps Included).  Fender & Fender, (2011)


  1. I only WISH some of these WERE real! Thanks for the laugh, Justin!

  2. This chatty biography of former First Lady Laura Bush will appeal to anyone wanting a glimpse of what it is like to be a private person in the public spotlight.