Saturday, January 14, 2012

10 More Books I Would Love to Own

As it turns out, the post I did on imaginary books everyone should own was immensely popular.  I had over 450 hits on my blog the day after I posted it.  I know it's not likely I will get a repeat of that success, but I do love doing these things.  So here's another round:

1.  Huntsman, John.  How Not to Run for President But Convince 5% of the GOP You Really Are: A Where's Waldo Supplement.  Little Brown & Co, (2012).

2.  Gingrich, Newt. The Dirty Truth About Minorities.  John Birch Society Press, (1996).

3.  Bachmann, Marcus.  The Straight Man's Guide to Everything Fabulous. Bravo Network Publishing, (2012).

4.  Evans, Justin.  Bringing Corporal Punishment Back to the Public Schools & Other Essential Elements of Education.  Imbecile Press, (2010).

5.  Kardashian, Kim.  How to Achieve Fame in Three (or fewer) Sex Scandals.  Attention-Whore Press, (2011)

6.  Jenner, Bruce.  A Season in Hell:  New & Selected Poems 2007-2001.  Copper Canyon Press, 2012.

7.  Santorum, Rick.  What's in a Name?  The Almost Completely True Confessions of a Homophobe.  Crazy Lazarus Publishers, (2005).

8. Winfrey, Oprah.  The Art of Manipulating the Answer:  How to Remain the Most Important Person in Any Conversation or Interview.  Harpo Productions, (2005).

9.  Cheyney, Dick.  101 Places to go Pheasant Hunting.  Harper Collins, (2008).

10.  Rove, Karl.  The Mane Idea:  A Collector's Guide to the My Little Pony Universe.  Harcourt, (2011).

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