Monday, November 14, 2011


I did not post anything for Veteran's Day this year.  We were away in the Land of Mo for the entire weekend, out and about on a doomed search for viable Christmas gifts.  Since my family is rural, we have to plan carefully for the shopping in need of doing and we got very little accomplished this weekend.

I did get to write a new poem for my new Springville manuscript, and I got to talk Springville history with my grandmother, which always helps.  After starting back into writing, I have picked up new energy to continue writing towards the book about Springville.  I envision dividing the book into sections by eras of the town's history.  I know it's not all t hat original, but I want to demonstrate the longevity of certain virtues throughout the town's, and show how the town has changed.  Above all, my original issue remains.  I need to figure out how to write these narrative poems without being persona poems and still being specific.

I am also going through my completed manuscript and making revisions.  No press to this point has even given so much as a hint as to whether I am headed in the right direction.  If anyone out there is willing to read my manuscript and tear it apart (trust me, I can handle it) I would be most grateful.

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