Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Job Front

Poets & Writers has several job announcements in their latest e-mail I am considering applying for.  Strange as I have never thought about this route before. 

How silly is it that P&W has job listing on their website?  I mean, C'mon!  Who really send in a blind resume and c.v. for a full professorship at the Iowa Workshop or the Richard L. Thomas Professorship at Kenyon College?  Talk about foolishly optimistic.  The only reason these positions are even listed is so the colleges can say they made an announcement.  Either you are at the top of their list already, or you have absolutely no chance of even being considered for jobs like that.  They want a "name" and everyone knows it.

That's why I want to apply.  I want to build a completely accurate c.v. and get real letters of recommendation from real people like my high school English teacher, college counseling department, and friends of the family, etc. (or actually I would prefer real poets allow me to write my own with their names, but that won't happen) and send in real, legitimate applications to really confuse these people.

Don't you think these places will be impressed with my Master's degree in Literacy Studies and my stellar record as a high school History and English teacher?

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