Thursday, November 3, 2011

The ice is breaking

I've been doing pretty well for the past three days.  Jeannine has just posted about the November Doldrums, and I must admit I was going through some pretty rough moments for the past month or so, but I have begun to write again and all seems okay in the world.  I have gone a long time without writing before, but late September and into October I was rally beginning to question the source of my block, because instead of lacking the words or being frustrated at every attempt, I simply was not burdened with even the slightest desire to write for almost this entire year. 

There were a few drips and drabs, as I have mentioned, but really no inspiration, no truly creative ideas.  That stopped two days ago, when I wrote something for Robert Brewer's November Poem-a-Day challenge. I wrote a poem to meet the prompt, and then I fooled around with a few fragments.  Yesterday, I wrote three drafts and a few fragments!  This morning, I just finished a draft in response to today's prompt.  What is exciting is not the drafts themselves---most will need a lot of work to even be passable---but rather the fact I have ideas to write again.  I am being inspired to write and that makes me happy om so many levels.

So, what shook my brain loose?  What started the flood?  I really don't know.  Something inside me simply clicked with what I have been reading and the anxiety left, being replaced with the urge to write as well as ideas to put into action.  I really think I've still got a few bumps and bruises to go through int he next few weeks, but right now I am just so thrilled I am writing again. Even if the poems stop coming, for now, these past few days will have been a reminder inspiration is here inside me, waiting to get out.

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